Saturday, March 26, 2011

Hello..! We're Back Online.. !!

Hello There - We're back and online !!!

First of all let me apologise for yesterdays kuffuffle, my internet was down for the day - so i couldnt post, but were back now.. !

So lets begin..

New Scrapping Forum..

Chat with Charm is an exciting new forum hosted by the lovely Charmaine Koch. It is a friendly forum, so you can have a chat with like minded others, or you can find some great challenge blogs as well - some i havent even heard of ! Please, no advertising, this is strictly for people who wish to gain some inspiration..
So do yourself a favour and stop on by and check out the challenges... you may find one you like..
Visit here:

Blogs.. :

Tracey Campbell is sharing her blog with us - Thanks Tracey !
Visit traceys blog here and leave her a comment !!

Sharryn from Brittannahlee Stamp and scrap left us this message :
"Looking for cheap scrapbooking and card making supplies.. then look no furthur! Hop over to Brittannahlee StampandScrap... we have lots for everyone!"
Check them out - there are a few little things i havent seen before so grab yourself a bargain..
Visit them here :

Etsy Store :

Kylie B has emailed me and left her link to her store, so go check it out.. full of great goodies..

Know anybody who wants free advertising of their blog /site? Well just give us an email.. and were more than happy to oblige.. dont forget were still looking for 100 followers on here and networked blogs.. . so come on sign up..!! Were doing our blog hop on the 1st April.. so get yours on the list today !

Thats it for today..
Happy Scrapping...


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