Saturday, March 26, 2011

Hello..! We're Back Online.. !!

Hello There - We're back and online !!!

First of all let me apologise for yesterdays kuffuffle, my internet was down for the day - so i couldnt post, but were back now.. !

So lets begin..

New Scrapping Forum..

Chat with Charm is an exciting new forum hosted by the lovely Charmaine Koch. It is a friendly forum, so you can have a chat with like minded others, or you can find some great challenge blogs as well - some i havent even heard of ! Please, no advertising, this is strictly for people who wish to gain some inspiration..
So do yourself a favour and stop on by and check out the challenges... you may find one you like..
Visit here:

Blogs.. :

Tracey Campbell is sharing her blog with us - Thanks Tracey !
Visit traceys blog here and leave her a comment !!

Sharryn from Brittannahlee Stamp and scrap left us this message :
"Looking for cheap scrapbooking and card making supplies.. then look no furthur! Hop over to Brittannahlee StampandScrap... we have lots for everyone!"
Check them out - there are a few little things i havent seen before so grab yourself a bargain..
Visit them here :

Etsy Store :

Kylie B has emailed me and left her link to her store, so go check it out.. full of great goodies..

Know anybody who wants free advertising of their blog /site? Well just give us an email.. and were more than happy to oblige.. dont forget were still looking for 100 followers on here and networked blogs.. . so come on sign up..!! Were doing our blog hop on the 1st April.. so get yours on the list today !

Thats it for today..
Happy Scrapping...


Thursday, March 24, 2011

One more day to go...:)

Hi Everyone...

Its only one more day to go before our re launch... so excited..
Thanks for the big response but we still need to know what you all up to ?
so if you know of anyone who needs to advertise.. let us know about them too !
As its a big day, tommorrow, you have a week to post your comment, leave your blog addy on here and become a follower .. one lucky person will win a scrapping pack from me..

Bye for now
Bek xxx

So what you waiting for?

Monday, March 21, 2011

Scrapcalls Re - Launch.. March 25


Scrapcalls is relaunching March 25.. please stay tuned..

We are now taking advertisements for the following  :

1. Crops
2. Stores online and bricks and mortar...
3. Retreats
4. Fundraising
5. Events
6. Challenge Blogs and sites
7. Challenges
8. Sketch sites
9. Competitions
10. Etsy stores
11. Ebay Stores
12. blogs..

If you would like to advertise on here - please address an email to rebekkah with the following ;

Location/url address, date, time, description of what you want advertised.. rsvp date if needed, any other information you would like to include and you think is relevant.

This is a free service, so please let all your friends know and we will be doing a giveaway and big blog hop once we get to 100 followers, on our blog.. so start spreading the word..

Take Care

Rebekkah xx