Monday, March 28, 2011

Mad Monday

Hi everyone..

Its been a mad monday already ! Lots to do and lots to surf.. on the net!

Keep those blogs and calls coming... We're on fb as well make sure you stop by our page..

Heres our news from today :

Kit Site.

The Polkadot Place is a newly formed kit site, whereby you receive gorgeous kits for a reasonable price. Having worked with Bridgette before, she is very worthy of her scrapbooking master title. She provides quality kits and i have seen the hard work and dedication she has put into this site, so do yourself a favour and check it out here. :

Blog Hop Site.

Dale Tiernan has added her site for the blog hop  :
Make sure youre on our list too !!
Well thats it for today..
Enjoy your day and make sure its a good one..
Happy scrappin..

Becks xx

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Dale Tiernan said...

Cute blog template Bek.