Thursday, April 14, 2011

Scrap secrets..

i got this on the email today.. please leave a comment to let us know youre intersted.

New Site coming soon featuring crop days and retreats.
Starting May ..
Crops and retreats will be held in different parts of Victoria, so that even our country cousins can attend.
Online stores and kit clubs, scrapping stores, are more than welcome to attend to have a shop at the crop days or retreats..
Costs will be dependant upon location, at the moment we are just interested to see what people are looking for in a retreat, and a crop day.. what kind of things do you like to see at crop days retreats? Good venue, food, do you want a shop close by or at the retreat? Would you like classes to be available, or do you just want to do your own thing? how much do you want to pay ??
Goodie bags, theme nights -?? Tell us what you think here on scrapcalls (leave as many comments as you like) and you will be entered in the draw for a free crop at one of our venues.
Competition closes on the 25 th April 2011.


So leave a post and win..
Becks xx


Kerry said...

I love the idea of having a crop/retreat thats not afiliated with one particular store. Perhaps it might bring more like mided people together - what a novel idea!

Rebekkah said...

Thanks for your comment kerry - yes i think its a good idea too.. i will enter you into the draw.. good luck it will be drawn on the 1st may.

scrappinallie said...

I really love this idea too. I live in NW Victoria so just about as far away as you can get from Melbourne but would love to go to some country ones. Great to have some kit providers or smaller stores etc there rather than it be run totally by one store.

My main want in a crop day or retreat is enough space. I hate having a teeny space to try and scrap in. Decent light and comfortable temperature and that is about it LOL.

Not fussed if meals are provided or not, sometimes it makes it more economical for people to provide their own.
I organised a fantastic weekend in Bendigo last year (at the Big4 which was fabulous) and everone just went back to their cabins to eat when they wanted.

Rebekkah said...

Thanks Allie.
There are some fantastic ideas there that i will pass on.. i totally agree with the food, light and space issue - as ppl who scrap with me know - i like to spread out.. lol.